Support NOW!!!

Immediate Remote Support and malware remediation.


Administration- As- A- Service (admin-a-a-s) is the market's answer to lower cost Computer and Network Administration. Our remote management and administrator packages provides the most complete value available to any level of computing end user.

Phone Based Helpdesk & system admin

All the benefits of having full time I.T. staff without the $25,000 monthly expense.


Guaranteed Savings : money

Even our premier support option is a fraction of the cost of the staff needed to perform similar duties and services.  Every operation needs the right tools, resources and staff to succeed.  The right combination of these items will provide an exponential return on investment with gains only properly leveraged technology can provide.

Guaranteed Savings : Time

So, now that you have recouped all those hours of troubleshooting and web searches for PC issues, you can focus on your actual business!  We all know time is money in the business world so time spent by you with the "PC technician hat" on can be eliminated. The ability to focus on your business strategies combined with the additional productivity the phone based Helpdesk can provide can equal savings, more productivity which can lead to growth and revenue.



Partner with Microsoft Certified Professionals for Time and Money savings !